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What app is used for Umrah permit

Umrah is not an obligatory Sunnah of Muhammad SAW. Muslims can perform this sunnah at any time of the year except the month of Hajj. This is a holy journey. On this journey, Muslims visit the Masjid al-Haram in Makkah and perform the rituals of Umrah. Umrah permits are required to perform Umrah. Muslims can get this permit through the Nusuk app, which was launched by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia. Muslims can book Umrah packages through this app according to their dates. They can also get services and information about their Umrah journey. Muslims can also get Umrah packages with flights through this app.

Umrah permit

It is an electronic document issued by the Nusuk app to perform umrah and enter the grand mosque. Pilgrims have to fulfill different requirements to get Umrah permits.

Umrah permits are also necessary for Saudi residents

They are not exempt from the Umrah permit requirement. They also need the Umrah permit to perform Umrah. Saudi residents and citizens update their data on the Absher application. They should also have two doses of the COVID-19 vaccination.

Umrah permit for visitors

Visitors should register their arrival and vaccination details on the Muqeem platform before arriving in Saudi Arabia. It is mandatory to get an Umrah permit.

The Nusuk App is used for Umrah permits

Muslims can get umrah permits through the Nusuk app or the Tawakkalna app. Following are the main qualities of the Nusuk app:

  • Issue the electronic Umrah visas.
  • Provides transportation and travel services.
  • Allow to visit the Prophet’s Mosque.
  • Pilgrims can reserve Umrah packages.
  • Provide detailed instructions in various languages.
  • Pilgrims can reserve accommodations and flights.

Important steps to get an Umrah permit through the Nusuk app

Some impotent steps are the following:

Download the app

The first and main step to getting an Umrah permit is to download the Nusuk app on your mobile phone through the Play Store, and people who have iPhones can download it from the App Store. There are more chances that they offer the Qatar Airways Umrah Flights in your Umrah Packages. Although you can request the customer care for the inclusion of Qatar airways Umrah Flights.

Make an account

Make an account on the app; you can also create an account for your family members by adding their phone numbers, email addresses, and verification codes.

Tap “Umrah” from the “Holy Mosque Services” menu

When you log in, you need to tap the option of Umrah. After this, you can select your favorite Umrah package.

Names of the individuals

Now you will write the names of the people who are going with you to perform Umrah. You will also provide details about them, like their ID card number, age, gender, etc. You can also write about other services, like a wheelchair for your family’s disabled person.

Select dates

Now you can choose the Umrah dates that suit you and your family members. You can also book dates there.

Select the time period

You can also select a time period for performing Umrah that day.

Read and accept the terms and conditions

  • Wearing a mask and using sanitizer.
  • Arrive before the slot and time.
  • Pilgrims will bring their ID card and a copy of their Umrah permit.
  • Pilgrims will follow the directions and guidance of the staff at the Masjid Al-Haram.
  • They will not harm or disturb other pilgrims.

Click continue

At the end, you have to click Continue. After reading all the details and filling out all the required data, if you think everything is right, confirm you’re booking. After some time, you will get a confirmation message on your mobile.

In this way, you can easily get your Umrah permit through the Nusuk app. You can start preparations for your religious journey.

Rules for Umrah permits

All the pilgrims should get the latest vaccination to perform umrah. Today, Saudi Arabia has lifted the requirement of vaccination for COVID-19, but pilgrims should get the required vaccination for a smooth and hassle-free Umrah journey. Their umrah permit will be immediately cancelled if they are infected with COVID-19 or are in contact with an infected person.

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