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The Most Popular Cakes World Over

Cakes will never be an overbeaten trail for the make-up and celebration of any occasion. One of the main reasons why cakes are a delight is that they come in various flavours, designs, colours, and sizes, and can be custom made to anyone’s favourite.  In addition, cakes can also be customised with different ingredients like sugar-free and eggless. With different tastes and expectations from one person to another, it is challenging to find the best cake everyone at your occasion will love. But, like any other meals, hobbies, and norms, there are some cakes that are universally loved. Some of these cakes include chocolate cake, vanilla cake, red velvet cake, and many more! Anyone can also get creative cake ideas from valuable sources like Instagram, YouTube, and online bakery stores. So there is no need to hop from pillar to post if you want to surprise your loved ones in Amritsar, while you can simply order cake delivery in Amritsar. In this post, we share the most popular cakes the world over.

Chocolates are one of the most loved sweet treats the world over. They are healthy reducing the risk of heart diseases, have high volumes of antioxidants, and release the feel-good hormone. You can surprise your sweet tooth loved ones with an enticing chocolate cake themed with the lip-smacking Kit Kat, Cadbury, or Ferrero Rocher. You can also have the design finish done with a chocolate glaze or shavings.

Vanilla Cake

The vanilla cake flavour is the second most popular flavours of all time. This hit flavour can be found in various sweet treats like yoghurts, chocolates, ice creams, to vanilla candies. Be it the young and the young at heart, a luscious vanilla cake will bring them all together on special occasions. You can also take the heart-melting vanilla cake to another level by adding chocolate, strawberries, and lemon, to the cake.

Red Velvet Cake

If you are looking for a cake that will help you sum up all your love and affection towards your loved one, then search no further – the red velvet cake is the cake for romantic occasions be it an anniversary or a birthday treat for your better half. This cake comes jam-packed with layers of the luscious red velvet flavour and an enticing sprinkle design signature. You can have this cake in different variants like frosty white and red velvet sprinkles on the side, or a heart-shaped cake covered with the sprinkles.

Coffee Cake

The food and dance we share with our loved ones on special occasions go a long way in strengthening relationships with happy memories. You too can hold the hands of time with a luscious coffee cake for dessert. After having a royalty feast, you need to get your loved ones back in the jovial party sensation and a mouthwatering coffee cake just hits the right spot. You can also make the coffee cake to another level with the Moch and Irish flavours among others.

Fruit cake

Living a healthy life is not a decision that doctors have to take but a personal choice for every individual. And one of the best things is that you can surprise your health-conscious family and friends with a bubbling fruit cake on your special day. You can have the cake customised with blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, oranges, apples, and many more!

Black Forest Cake

If you are looking for a moist cake with a dark chocolate flavour, then search no further than the black forest cake. This cake comes with all the bells and whistles; cherries on top, creamy white fondant, chocolate shavings, and chocolate glaze. Surely this is an enchanting cake that also offers a heavenly taste. You can also have the cake customised with an eggless and sugar-free option, and shape (heart, square, circle, or three-tier cake)

Pineapple cake

The pineapple flavour is one of the outstanding fruit flavours for desserts. You can have the pineapple cake as an ice cream cake or cupcakes, whichever way you opt for the pineapple flavour uplifts the soul when it melts in your mouth. You can also have various options incorporated into your cake like other fruits for decoration, cherries, frosting (with the theme colour), and edible gems & sprinkles.

The aforementioned cakes are just the tip of the cake iceberg. You can incorporate different cake designs and ingredients to your satisfaction. But, you’ll need a reputable bakery that will take care of your needs and guarantees timely delivery.

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