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Senegal occasions tips

Almost certainly, Senegal is West Africa most-visited place, which has made an incredible commitment to the nation’s development. After arriving in Dakar, you will see the African Renaissance Monument, which really establishes the pace for your visit: an encounter wealthy in culture. So book your modest trips to Senegal now.

Here are the absolute best occasions to Senegal tips and deceives:

What to wear

When going around Senegal with Senegal visit bundles, remember that it is generally Muslim country. While numerous Senegalese show exceptional acknowledgment for other strict practices and customs, it is as yet a traditionalist society that praises humble clothing regulations for the two ladies and men.

Ladies should dismiss short shirts and skirts, and men ought not wear shorts. Similarly as a ready, Muslim Senegalese may likewise be irritated by open intoxication and public shows of kind gestures, so downplay it.

Best an ideal opportunity to visit

Senegal is a truly all year place. Temperatures float in the high 20s the vast majority of the year, and in the event that you stay near coast the warmth is probably not going to get excruciating even at the hottest seasons. The solitary truly wet months are September, August and July, and in any event, during these months you can figure charmingly hot temperatures and rich greenery. November to May is the nation’s drier and cooler season: the travel industry tops among November and February so attempt March to May for a more serene encounter with wonderful climate.

Food and drink

Newly landed Atlantic fish is moderate and scrumptious wherever on the Senegalese coast. A large part of the sole, fish and grouper is air-freighted to Europe, so appreciate it here for a portion of the cost. All through Senegal there is an incredible French impact, particularly in the rich sauces that go with the pervasive fish stews and chicken with rice.

Most local people are Muslims and don’t drink liquor; at any rate, cafés serve exorbitant French wine and reasonable valued, locally blended Flag brew. Outside of Dakar, veggie lover food is hard to track down.


Despite the fact that a yellow fever immunization isn’t expected to enter Senegal, it is exhorted, similar to a typhoid antibody and intestinal sickness pills. Utilizing a best mosquito repellent, conveying tissues and wearing sunblock are terrifically significant. It can likewise be dusty during the dry season, so having sensitivity pills close by can likewise be strong. Try not to be frightened to see horse trucks, cows and wandering goats just as transports loaded with local people all having similar terrible streets with vehicles.

Getting around

A 4WD with a driver is quite exorbitant, however the solitary useful approach to arrive at numerous spots in Senegal. Self-drive vehicle can recruit is simple, yet generally more expensive than with a driver in view of protection suggestions.

The rail organization, including the Saint-Louis/Dakar line, is presently old. The solitary estimates two or three lines to the Dakar rural areas, and the incredibly hit-and-miss administration from Dakar to Bamako in Mali.


Spending convenience is hard to track down in Dakar; the vast majority of the moderate inns are very dodgy. Top end inns and Midrange are rich yet overrated. Inland, convenience is given in lodges or roundhuts. In far off places, there is by and large somebody in the town willing to present a cottage.

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