Seal Your Love in a Beautiful Bali Chapel Wedding

Have you always wanted to have your wedding at an exotic location, but wish you didn’t have to sacrifice your desire for a chapel wedding?

Well, you can have both. A chapel wedding in an exotic location. Sounds unreal, doesn’t it? But it is real and as legitimate as can be, and you only get this kind of experience in a place like Bali. For years, Bali has remained a favorite location for all kinds of holidays. In the recent past, however, demand for wedding and honeymoon services in this lovely island has increased.

Many couples flying in to have their wedding want a romantic experience, but most of them also want the serene atmosphere of a chapel wedding. Because Bali is a vibrant, cosmopolitan place with diverse holiday options, there are plenty of chapels to cater for different individual needs. Some people want to simply sit in the chapel for an hour or two. Others are there to soak in the chapel’s beauty and tranquility. Then there are those who want to get married in the chapel.

We’ve identified the two top ceremony choices for couples looking to get married in a Bali chapel. See what they offer below.

View Chapel Wedding

View Chapel Wedding ceremonies are conducted in an ocean-view chapel. The chapel is specifically designed for weddings, so it has the décor, ambience and settings to go with the colorful, glamorous and happy occasion.

Take photos at a hidden beach right next to the chapel, and more pictures at the scenic Edge Cliff, which is nearby. This ceremony option offers a broad range of options for banquet, honeymoon, dinner and alone time. Check the wedding package offerings at The Seven Agency to choose from the widest selection of venues and locations.

Relying on such a trusted wedding planner for your wedding and honeymoon requirements ensures that you get outstanding service at the most affordable price. The wedding planner is centrally located and well-connected, which makes it possible to bundle all the necessary wedding services in one package, including décor, makeup, and photography. You won’t have to source for services yourself as everything is catered for.

Chapel Weddings

Another popular choice for people seeking to get married in a chapel, the Bali Chapel Wedding ceremony is designed to bring out the charm and serenity of a traditional chapel wedding. Chapels are chosen for their quaint beauty and modern design, and are designed and positioned to give an open view of the scenic Bali landscape.

Decide whether you want a chapel with a view of the mountains, an ocean view, cliff view, or jungle view. There are lots of chapels to choose from, including iconic ones like the Royal Pita Maha Chapel, Blue Heaven Chapel, Alila Uluwatu, andRitual Chapel.

If you would like to combine the charm of a chapel and the luxury of a resort, pick a chapel within a resort. Some popular ones are Astina Chapel and Tresna Chapel, both located at the luxurious Ayana Resort in Jimbaran.

Which choice works for you?

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