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New Year in Heaven on Earth: Things To Do in Kashmir

When it comes to travelling, there are some places that are explored, some are travelled and some are lived – in the true sense of the word. And Kashmir is just that. The beauty and allure that this place is going to be etched in your mind for the longest time. To experience the wonder that Kashmir is, you need to do things there – not just travel like a normal tourist. The vast expanse of lush green meadows amidst the snow-capped mountains seems like a painting brought to life. Therefore, it is always a great idea to get in touch with tour operators in India and make your bookings in advance. That way, you can dedicate each day to doing something new. Here in this blog, we tell you all about what you can do in Kashmir in the new year, that is 2022!

Top things to do in Kashmir on New Year

A new year means new beginnings and what better way to bring in the fresh new year than living every moment in the picturesque Kashmir? Since the state is located mostly in the Himalayan ranges, there are a plethora of experiences to take in by indulging in the activities that we have listed below for you. If you are aware of these activities, you can ask tour operators in India to book them for you. Let us take a look at them now:

  • A stay in the houseboat:If offbeat things get you excited then you must get yourself a reservation at staying in a houseboat in Srinagar. Docked at the Dal Lake jetty is one of the best experiences you can get while you are in Kashmir. Whether you go on a honeymoon, as a family vacation or with friends, a night on the still waters of Dal Lake is not to be missed. You can have a scrumptious dinner there too and enjoy the sound of the water under the beautiful night sky.
  • Shikara ride: Tour operators in India are going to suggest one common thing to you whenever you plan a trip to Kashmir: take a Shikara ride! You can simply lay back and admire the scenic view of the mountains at a distance. With no smoke or noise pollution around, it is a must-do when you are in Kashmir. You can even dance to the tunes of the popular songs ‘Taareef karun kya uski’ and explore the Bollywood side of you!
  • Gulmarg Golf Club: One of the most coveted clubs in India is the Gulmarg Gold Club. It is the highest 18-hole golf course in the world. Once you get the chance to play in the ‘meadow of flowers’, you will feel exalted! It is amongst the most fun-filled activities that you can do in Kashmir. Because it is located in the lap of nature, you can also revere the beauty of the scenic mountains.
  • Try Kashmiri cuisine: No holiday is fun without good meals. Give a fresh new taste to your taste buds with the mouth-watering Kashmiri cuisine over here. From the Kashmiri Kawa (tea) to Paneer Chaman and Nadroo Yakhni (yoghurt-based curry) – the list is endless. After all, the place to the heart is through one’s tummy and Kashmir is going to win your heart with a selection of dishes to choose from. The localtour operators in India can help you in deciding which are the best places to eat from.

You must add Kashmir to your bucket list in the New Year and give yourself an experience that can be well lived as well as felt. You will be stunned to see the beauty that encompasses this place and the happiness it will give you once you are there. So without further ado, head out to meet nature face to face and book your trip with the best tour operators in India today!

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