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Huawei Smart Scale

The Huawei Smart Scale can be used out of the box as a standard weighing scale. You don’t need to connect it for that, but if you want a simple weighing scale. It looks good, mind you, with a white, tempered glass surface and an easily readable display. Smart Scales devices seem like a great idea as your fitness trainer. If all this doesn’t make much sense, all you need to know is that you step on it and the scale will use its technology to deduce what percentage of you is fluid, bone, body fat and so on. Based on big data and Al technology, it can more accurately measure the body’s important components such as fat and skeletal muscle mass.

Connected to your smartphone, they will beam all your vital statistics to the cloud so you can keep track of your progress, send them on to your healthcare provider if needed, and generally get an insight into how your body works. The real power of the Huawei Smart Scale comes with the app. Huawei and the Hefei Institute of Material Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, jointly developed the Huawei TruFit body composition detection algorithm.

When you connect your scale to the Huawei Health app, you can track your weight, body fat, how much of your body mass is fluids, muscle mass, calculate your basal metabolic rate, bone mineral content, visceral fat and body protein. It sounds good that you do training with your smart devices like smart scale. According to Huawei, the scale uses bioelectrical impedance analysis technology, to do all this. Huawei Smart Scale is an electronic bathroom scale that measures weight and other body composition metrics, and then sends them via Bluetooth to a compatible app that records and displays the data in easy to understand ways.

Huawei Smart Scale is different in that beyond telling your body weight, it also measures your body fat percentage, BMI, Muscle mass, body water percentage, and bone mass. With these connectivity options, data can be viewed at any time and professional improvement suggestions are also provided. In terms of design, the Huawei Smart Scale has integrated tempered glass scale surface has a simple and elegant texture like jade and a smooth tread. It supports big data comparison for people of the same age. There are also 3.5mm low scale feet and silicone rubber non-slip wear pads.

The measurable range of body weight is 2.5kg-150kg. Adolescents under 18 and elderly people over 80, due to their special physique, only support the measurement of weight and heart rate and do not support the measurement of other body composition indicators. It looks like any normal bathroom scale, has a tempered glass panel and CNC grinding and polishing, but also has 4 pressure sensors and an electronic chip built in, along with Bluetooth 4.1 wireless connectivity for hooking it up to a compatible mobile app on your phone. The Smart Scale features a pearl-white scale with a Huawei logo in the middle The 300mm×300mm large-area tempered glass covered by the surface layer makes the feet fully fit the scale.

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