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Helpful hints for getting about Japan

It is well known that Japanese society puts a premium on good manners, which may be intimidating for foreign visitors. Buying it is a bad idea. The customs observed here are not more stringent or formal than the customs observed in many other parts of the world. Furthermore, most locals are happy to lend a helping hand to visitors from other countries or look beyond any apparent social faux pas made by them.

Expectation management is crucial in almost every facet of one’s existence. Here, therefore, are a few of our top tips for having a trouble-free trip to Japan.

Make a reservation at your hotel in advance, and get there when it opens.

A regular business hotel may let you in without a reservation if you really needed to, but why take the chance? Popular places to stay may be booked up months in advance, so planning ahead is essential. Among the busiest travel dates of the year are the first week of January, the cherry blossom season (late March through April, depending on the area), “Golden Week” (April 29 to May 5), and August.

Keep in mind that certain hotels, especially ryokan (traditional Japanese inns), have strict check-in times, beyond which the front desk may not be staffed and your room could not be ready. Bear this in mind. Be careful to schedule your arrival time in advance. In the japan deluxe tours you need to be mindful of these matters.

Essentials only, please, while packing for a trip to Japan.

As a general rule, hotel rooms in metropolitan regions of Japan are on the smaller side, leaving little place for large pieces of luggage that may be difficult to carry on the subway or bus. Packing light is never a terrible idea, but visiting Japan specifically calls for it.

Keep in mind that visitors to religious sites like Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples are not expected to dress a certain way. However, some more upmarket eateries, bars, and clubs may enforce dress requirements that forbid men to wear sandals and sleeveless shirts.

You could end yourself sitting on the floor instead of a chair when you go out to dine, which can be uncomfortable if you’re wearing shorts or other skintight clothing.

Get a SIM card at the airport with plenty of data.

You should buy a SIM card with a large data capacity before you arrive in Japan since you will likely use a lot of data throughout your trip. The Japanese street-address system is famously difficult to navigate, even for locals, which is why guidance apps on smartphones have proved to be so useful for visitors.

Last Tip

Wearing slip-on shoes on vacation will make getting in and out of hotels considerably faster. Comfortable, supportive walking shoes are a must. You’ll thank yourself for bringing shoes that are easy to put on and take off after visiting religious sites, traditional inns, and some cafes, where you may be asked to remove your shoes. The business provides slippers for customers who choose to remove their own footwear, while many prefer to just wear socks.

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