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Happy Skyscraper. Meet the smallest traveler

One day he visits Australia, the next day he is in Brazil, then in Poland, and the next day in Japan or Indonesia. How is this possible? Meet an extraordinary traveler who has been traveling the world since 2012, still smiling

Smiling traveler

His name is Happy Skyscraper and he is several centimeters tall. You could write “heights”, but he is more of a person than an object. He is always smiling and thanks to his long journeys he cheers people up all over the world. He is still photographed in different countries, and unique photos from his distant travels are posted on social media.

Travels far and near

Wesoly Wiezowiec (its English name is: Happy Skyscraper) was invented by the well-known Polish satirist and caricaturist, Szczepan Sadurski. It was supposed to be a one-time happening in New York City, which is known for its tall skyscrapers standing in Manhattan. However, it soon became clear this was only the beginning of the journey.

After returning to Poland, Sadurski’s friends also began to photograph the smiling traveler. Strangers who did not know the Polish language began to join in the fun, and they immediately understood the idea of making the world happy. The power of social media worked.

Original travel photos

You could say it’s fun for everyone, but it’s not. There are still many people tapping their foreheads and not understanding why adult, serious people make a paper model, take it on a long journey and photograph it in known or completely unknown tourist destinations.

Everyone wants to take a souvenir selfie from the trip to show off to their friends. But there are also those who prefer to photograph the Happy Skyscraper. Are they crazy? Or maybe they just love life and travel, not themselves. And they want other people to smile more often.

Instead of taking another selfie, they snap photos of a “skyscraper” made of paper. In front of monuments, castles, parliaments, football stadiums, volcanoes and waterfalls. All photos of the Happy Skyscraper on social media are real, not Photoshop.

The little traveler conquers the world

New points appear on the “high-rise map of the world” every month. Asia, South and North America, Australia. Today, there are only a few countries in Europe that the extraordinary globetrotter has not yet visited and photographed.

The smiling traveler appeared in television programs, newspapers in various countries wrote about him. He continues to surprise more people, giving them joy.

Good Humor Party

Happy Skyscraper is a symbol of an international organization called Good Humor Party, and people who join the fun, regardless of which country they live in, receive a card from Poland for this craziest organization in the world. Some in the Happy Skyscraper even have their own “apartment”, i.e. one window. There are still some free apartments and the fun continues!

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