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Fun Things To Do in Melbourne at Night

Melbourne is multicultural, multicultural and diverse. Students and businessmen, bankers and artists – this city will welcome you, whoever you are. Even homeless people move here from other cities. And if you are wondering what to do in Melbourne, don’t worry. We have prepared some interesting ideas for your Melbourne night. Bars in basements, bars on the rooftops, bars in narrow streets and on every corner (literally) – this is Melbourne. See you.

Crown Melbourne Entertainment Center

Immerse yourself in the city’s nightlife at the Crown Melbourne Entertainment Center (8 Whitman St, Southbank). The Crown includes one of the largest casinos in the Southern Hemisphere, three hotels, a cinema, shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. You can admire the city at night with a good cocktail from the balcony of Club 23, or enjoy 80s music and alcoholic drinks at the retro Jackpot Bar. Crown Melbourne is home to live shows from Australian and international stars.

Blue Diamond Club

Great views of Melbourne at night can be enjoyed from the winding terraces of the elegant Blue Diamond Club on the 15th floor (Level 15 123 Queen St). The club is located in CBD, between Bourke and Little Collins streets. The interior is designed in the graceful Art Deco style, which is so loved in Melbourne. Jazz and Latin motives sound, there is a large selection of spirits, cocktails, beer and wines. The club hosts the Penthouse 15 night show every Saturday. At Blue Diamon, it’s easy to imagine yourself sitting in some speakeasy in 1920s Manhattan.

Bird’s Basement

For good food with quality jazz or blues, head to Bird’s Basement (11 Singers Lane). Bird’s Basement is closely related to the legendary New York jazz club Birdland. It serves continental cuisine and a wide selection of wines. Do not forget to book your tickets in advance if you want to get to the concert. Bird’s Basement performances are popular.

AC / DC Lane at Cherry Bar

If rock and roll culture is your thing, head to the AC / DC Lane at Cherry Bar. Australia has given the world a cult rock band and is proud of it. Cherry Bar is fully consistent with the place where it is located. Concerts and events are held here almost daily, and Australian, New Zealand and English beers flow like a river. If you want to have something to tell your friends, be sure to walk along the AC / DC Lane and look at the Cherry Bar.

The Rum Diary Bar

The Rum Diary Bar (334 Brunswick St, Fitzroy) is one of the best rum bars in Melbourne, if not the world. The cult of rum reigns here, which is enough here to sink a pirate ship. Rum is served neat or in cocktails. Even if you do not like this drink, the bartender will offer something to your taste. Rum Diary is definitely worth a visit to soak up the sea romance.

Melbourne brothels

If at some point during the night you feel lonely and in need of a special company, we have a solution for that as well. The famous Melbourne brothels will give you all the attention you need and make you each one. You just have to want it.

Master Den’s Poppu Uppu Bar

Japanese aesthetics await you in the “secret” basement of Master Den’s Poppu Uppu Bar (1 Flinders Lane, under Hihou Bar). Chefs prepare modern Japanese cuisine right in front of the long bar. The alcohol list includes strong Japanese drinks, original cocktails and wine.


At the original African bar Glamp (267 Little Collins St) you can spend the evening sitting in a safari tent. Glamp has real African beer and signature cocktails based on homemade liqueurs. Glamp bartender Ben Hehir learned from the legendary Dick Bradsell, who invented the Espresso Martini. The bar will serve you a Silver Back Espresso Martini, which claims to be the best martini in Melbourne. If you’re looking for something refreshing, try Glamping Aviation with a gin-based lavender and blueberry.


We hope we have given you enough ideas on how to spend your memorable night in Melbourne. As you can see, this city is perfect for a night out. One thing is for sure – you will not be bored at any time, whatever place from our list you choose.

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Fun Things To Do in Melbourne at Night

Melbourne is multicultural, multicultural and diverse. Students and businessmen, bankers and artists - this city will welcome you, whoever you are. Even homeless people...

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