Five Tops Destinations for Honeymoons

These days, honeymoons take more than just a fortnight. Couples will want to make the most out of their vacation by exploring some of the best destination honeymoons. Begin your honeymoon plans by figuring out what kind of travel suits your fantasy. You probably crave some outdoor adventure, a relaxing time at the beach, an extended party or some culture. Whatever your choices are, here are the 5 best destinations honeymoons you can explore.


Italy is one of the romance capitals of the world. This is the reason a lot of celebrities chose to tie the knot or spend honeymoons here. Mediterranean beauty, luxurious hotels and impressive historic cities such as Rome and Venice are just perfect for lovers. While holding hands, look out over the Amalfi Coast, wander about the Coliseum or enjoy espresso at a cafe as you witness the world smiling at you.

Ko Samui in Thailand

This big island boasts an array of awesome beaches. It is part of the Angthong Marine National Park that assures honeymooners enough opportunities to explore and engage in activities such as kayaking, diving and snorkeling. If you are ready to go, book a stay at Sunset Beach Resort and Spa where friendly staff awaits you.

New Zealand

Choosing New Zealand as your honeymoon destination brings you to a world of treats. The majority of the country’s natural sciences are quite impressive and unique that many films have been able to feature. And because you will value privacy during your honeymoon, New Zealand promises you less-crowded streets since there are only four million people in the country.


Breath-taking crystal lakes, sleepy Swiss villages, world-class chocolate and icy peaks will make your dream honeymoon come to life. A holiday in the country lets you explore the medieval Basel on bicycle or foot. The Black Forest located across the German border so ensure you check it out. To see the mountains in details, think about hiking through them. The Zurich’s art museums are also a must-see. There are other reasons why Switzerland is one of the 5 best destinations honeymoons in the world and it is for you to discover the rest.


Florida truly has something to offer when it comes to memorable romantic escapes. As matter of fact, regardless of your personality and budget, there is something for you in this coastal southern state. If you have the luxury of time, make sure you kick back on the beach, shop at trendy boutiques, visit clubs in Miami and bring out the child in you by gallivanting through the Disney World Orlando. Florida is an extraordinary slice of America where you get to explore the wilderness throughout the day and enjoy signature cocktails.

South Africa

In South Africa, you can spend a day scoping elephants and lions on a safari game drive and relaxing on the southern coast’s beaches. Vineyard tours are available in wine country and satisfy your taste buds with local concoctions from the best winemakers in the country. Cape Town is where you should go to enjoy a splendid view overlooking the city. Cape Town has a unique blend of dreamy beaches, cosmopolitan city fun and exciting safari adventures. Every South African honeymoon can only be complete with a few days here.

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