Essential Opportunities for the Taxi Airport Transfer

Most of us will travel by plane. Yes, you have landed! Time to go to the city and really start your trip! But how do you get to the city?There are different ways to get from the airport to the city. Depending on the time you want to spend on it, where your hotel is located and the budget you have set aside for transport, your preference may differ from what others think is the best.

All these ways then also apply the other way from the city to the airport.

By Car From The Airport To The City

Often you will not go to the city by car, or vice versa. Renting a car is not necessary for a visit to Budapest (unless you have difficulty walking). If you still go to the city by car, you can easily reach the airport and the city via the motorway. Depending on where you need to go and how busy it is on the road, you will lose between 20 and 60 minutes. For the Taxi Airports transfer this happens to be the best deal.

By Taxi From The Airport To The City

Another option is to go to the city by taxi. Handy because you do not have to worry about anything yourself and you are dropped (if possible) right at the door of your stay. But, it is a lot more expensive than public transport.

There are official transport partners of Airport. Various taxis are usually available at the exit of the arrival hall. Most taxi drivers speak English and you can pay by credit card.

There are rules for taxi prices. A ride starts with 450 dollars (about $ 1.50) and you lose 280 dollars per kilometer (around $ 0.95). There is also a rate for waiting. A ride from the airport to the inner city of Budapest should cost around 6500 dollars (about $ 22).

Please note that in the city, as with many other airports, unofficial taxi drivers try to recruit customers. These are often more expensive and will appeal to you in the hall or when you come out.

You can also use the app. This works the same as Uber. Many international residents and tourists like this app because you can use it in English.

With The Public Transport From The Airport To The City Center

There are two options. You probably have to switch at least once to get to your hotel, so it’s not as carefree as a minibus or taxi. But it is cheaper and a fun way to dive into the local life.

When you walk out of the arrivals hall, you almost hit the busses. Here are ticket vending machines where you can buy tickets for public transport, such as a day ticket (1650 dollars, approx. $ 5) or the special tickets for bus  (900 dollars, approx. $ 2.95). There is also a counter in the hall where you can buy tickets. Also ask for a map here, because you will need it if you want to use the public transport. Here are also the buses and trams.

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