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Can I wear Ihram at Jeddah airport

The term “miqat” refers to the line beyond which it is required for pilgrims to don the Ihram robes and beyond which no one is allowed to cross unless they are in the condition of Ihram. Crossing the line without entering Ihram requires an animal sacrifice to atone for the transgression. To perform Umrah cheap Umrah Packages can avail of provided by different travel agencies.

Names and locations of Miqats:

Dhul Hulayfah Miqat Point:

Dhul Hulayfah is situated 410 kilometers north of Makkah and 18 kilometers southwest of Masjid al-Nabawi (PBUH) in Madinah. For residents of Madinah and those traveling from the North to conduct the Hajj by going beyond this point, this is the miqat.

Al-Juhfah Miqat Point:

Al-Juhfah may be found 113 miles northwest of Makkah. This is the Miqat for pilgrims coming from North America, and etc. In addition, pilgrims can enter Ihram at Rabigh, a city located close to al-Juhfah.

Qarn Al-Manazil Miqat Point:

The distance between Makkah and Qarn al-Manazil is 80 kilometers. For residents of Najd and visitors from nations like the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Pakistan, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, etc., this is the miqat. It is located close to the Taif city.

Irq Dhat Miqat Point:

60 miles (90 km) northeast of Makkah is the city of Dhat Irq. This is the Miqat for pilgrims coming from countries like Iraq, Iran, China, and Russia with the intention of doing the Hajj.

Yalamlam Miqat Point:

Yalamlam may be found 62 miles south of Makkah. For residents of Yemen and those traveling from the south, this is the Miqat. Traveling pilgrims from South Africa, Nigeria, and other nations will pass via this Miqat.

Hil Region:

Between the bounds of the Miqats and the boundaries of the Haram is referred to as the Hil. The Hil region includes towns and cities such Jeddah, Khulais, al-Janun, and Taneem. Before entering the Haram, pilgrims who live in or pass through the Hil must be in the status of Ihram. For instance, a person who travels to Jeddah for business and plans to undertake Umrah later may make Ihram in Jeddah or before entering Haram’s perimeter.

Ihram is not necessary if a person from al-Hil intends to enter Makkah for another reason, such as to offer Salah at the Haram or to see friends or family. If a person decides to conduct Umrah after arriving in Makkah, Ihram must be taken at the Haram’s perimeter.

Ihram at the Jeddah Airport:

On occasion, pilgrims enter Ihram at the airport in Jeddah. The pilgrim should go to the Miqat that was initially specified or go to the closest Miqat because doing so is against Ihram. Al-Juhfah, which is located around 160 km from Jeddah, is the closest Miqat. As an alternative, an animal sacrifice should be performed.

Only people who live in Jeddah or who are traveling there for another reason such as business or tourism may perform Ihram there.

The question of whether Jeddah may be utilized as a Miqat for pilgrims conducting the Hajj or Umrah has generated some debate among experts. Given the differences of opinion, it is advised to proceed cautiously so that the Hajj and Umrah rituals can be performed with assurance.

Madinah first, then Makkah:

The guesthouse in Madinah or the designated Miqat for Madinah, Masjid Dhul Hulayfah, are where pilgrims may take Ihram if they want to go to Madinah before doing the Hajj or Umrah in Makkah. On the journey to Makkah, the cab or bus will stop at Masjid Dhul Hulayfah.

Flight on a non-Islamic airline:

There won’t be any facilities on board where you may pray or change if you’re traveling with a non-Muslim airline like British Airways. Therefore, it is advised to change into your Ihram at the airport before taking off. The intention to enter the state of Ihram should be made when the Miqat draws near.

Flights operated by a Muslim airline:

If you are traveling with a company like Saudia, you will have access to a modest prayer room while in the air. The captain will alert you or a notice will show up on the screen when the Miqat is coming, which will be in 10 or 20 minutes. If you haven’t already, you should put on your Ihram at this time. It is advised to adopt the following strategy and wear the Ihram at the airport before departure if changing into your Ihram on an aircraft makes you uncomfortable or you think you might be unable to do so. The pilgrimage known as Umrah can take place at any time of the year and even more than once in the same calendar year if desired.

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