Best Island Vacations to have

Island vacations can really be a perfect getaway that will let you recharge in a beautiful setting. Choosing your ideal one depends on whether you crave culture, adventure or just relaxing on the beach.

It’s hard to visit all of the islands in the world, so we are bringing you our favourites to make your choice easier.

1. Bali, Indonesia

A few smaller islands along with Bali make up the province of Indonesia. The inhabitants of this island are generous and pleasant, although the traffic can be very chaotic and unpredictable.

Bali has a diverse and rich culture and on this “Island of the Gods”, you can see ancient temples almost everywhere. Visit Tanah Lot, the temple on top of a rock surrounded by the sea or go chakra cleansing. In addition, see Goa Gajah or Elephant Cave, an archaeological site of significant value that once served as a sanctuary.

North and west Bali are less populated but offer amazing diving and surfing experiences. Enjoy the scenery of the rice terraces, breathtaking beaches and dramatic volcanoes that dominate the middle of the island. Go to the Sacred Monkey Forest to watch playful grey long-tailed macaques in their natural habitat.

2. Canary Islands, Spain

The Canary Islands are an archipelago and the most southerly region of Spain. There are seven main islands and a couple of smaller ones, and each of them has a unique charm. They offer a mix of European, African, and South American cultures, and the people here are very welcoming.

The near-perfect temperature during the entire year makes the Canaries a perfect place for those who love outdoor activities. Whether it’s summer or winter, you can enjoy varied landscapes with lush forests, sandy coves and looming volcanoes. Hike the footpaths that cross the islands, scuba dive and see more than 350 species of fish or go windsurfing.

Visit La Gomera’s national park and marvel at the greenery, the tumbling waterfalls of La Palma or the surreal play of colours of Lanzarote’s lava fields. While you are there, don’t miss the Las Cucharas Beach, one of the best beaches of the Canaries, located on the east coast of Lanzarote. The accomodation there is also great, so you can make it your base to explore the rest of the island.

3. Santorini, Greece

Santorini or Thira is one of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea, about 200 kilometres southeast of Greece’s mainland. It is often considered as the home to some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. The glow of the orange and red on the cliffs and the reflection on the buildings can be truly amazing.

The west coast will take your breath away with its whitewashed stone buildings spilling down cliff sides and overlooking vibrant blue waters. Take a walk around Fira, the island’s capital, or head north to the exclusive village of Oia along the caldera-edge pathway.

If you are more into watersports and relaxing on the beach, go to the Santorini’s east coast. Its volcanic-sand beaches are famous for their black and red sand. Don’t miss scuba diving and exploring underwater caves, reefs and shipwreck. The island’s interior is filled with vineyards and traditional villages, so make sure you go wine tasting.

4. Hawaii, USA

This is the only US state composed entirely of islands. Hawaii is made up of more than 100 islands, but it’s best known for its eight main ones.

If you’ve always wanted to have a closer look at an active volcano, you can do that in the Volcanoes National Park. The Kilauea has been erupting continuously since 1983, so you can watch the lava entering the ocean.

Walk through the glass tunnel in the Maui Ocean Centre and see sharks, rays and turtles close up. Don’t miss the sunrise on the top of the dormant volcano Haleakala, or a drive through lush forests along the dramatic Hana Road.

Go snorkelling, surfing or just relax on the sand and scan the horizon for whales. Wherever you travel around the Hawaiian Islands, diverse natural scenery, fantastic beaches and a good time are guaranteed.

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