Everybody loves the fun associated with summer. For RVers, this is always the opportune time for traveling to a variety  destinations to experience the beautiful moments of summer. The big question is always which destination to visit, as there are distinct places offering a huge amount of RVing opportunities for you to experience. The world is coupled with beautiful destinations for you to enjoy your RV Rental. With that in mind, here are some of the best national parks you can visit during the summer with your RV in tow.

  • Acadia Park

This is a national park located along the Maine coast suitable for watching all kinds of birds. Travelling to this park provides you with a variety of fun activities to engage with such as bike riding, hiking, canoe riding and hill climbing. The amazing activities available here provide a good opportunity for RVing with your family or friends. The main setback of RVing at this park is the sparse amount of hookups, unlike other parks. It also has very few dry camping spots, and they are very far from the park. RVing to this park during the summer provides extreme climate due to its location along the coast. This warm temperature will help you enjoy all your RVing moments in this park.

  • Crater Lake Park

This is a national park located in Southern Oregon. The lake was formed through volcanic activities of the Mazama Mountain. It has spectacular blue waters which attract multitudes of visitors to enjoy the beautiful views of the lake and the surrounding landscape. With this marvelous landscape, you can enjoy driving your RV around the lake, explore the scenic beauty using a trail system set up for visitors or enjoy viewing the aesthetic beauty of the old forests growing around the lake. Travelling to this park during summer provides suitable weather and elevation for RVing. With the frequent subsiding of snow at different times of the year, it makes it possible to access the lake easily.

  • Mount Rainier Park

This wonderful national park located in the state of Washington. The mountain has a low peak of around 14,000 feet, unlike the other high peaks of the nearby Rocky Mountains. This renders it possible for high adventure RVers to hike to the top of the mountain and enjoy the beautiful view. If you are afraid of hiking up to the top of the mountain, don’t worry as this park offers other activities such as forest exploration and viewing of the wildflower leas.

  • Glacier Bay Park

This park has various campgrounds which allow RVing, such as the Fish Creek Campground, within the park. These campgrounds provide dump stations for camping and movable water taps. RVing at this park during the summer is awesome, as the place has a cool climate with a lot of snow falling annually, even during shoulder seasons such as late fall and early spring. It receives large numbers of tourists, so choosing the best time to visit this place enables you to avoid the crowding associated with most days of summer.

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