Three Unexpected European Holiday Destinations

Just say the words “European holiday” and certain things come to mind instantly. It doesn’t matter if you envision walking the streets of Paris or taking a bike ride through the fields of Holland. When it comes to finding a holiday in Europe, there are some expectations. But what if you decided to throw caution to the winds and go somewhere off the beaten path? Maybe you want that Roman Holiday, but think that taking one of those Vatican tours is for old folks? Perhaps touring museums of France leaves you with a big yawn of boredom. If this sounds like you, we have some unexpected places you just might want to explore when planning that next summer excursion to Europe.

Hidden Beaches

While we may think of the southern coast of France when someone suggests a beach holiday in Europe, you might be surprised to find out that Denmark has some remarkable beaches. Best of all, they are quiet and pretty much uncrowded. Looking at a map, you can see how Denmark is surrounded by water, and for the most part some pretty spectacular beaches.

Not quite ready for a northern beach experience? How about a trip on a boat through the Aegean Sea off the coast of Greece? It is an area that is filled with little hidden islands just waiting for you to explore. Best of all the area is a cheap place to visit and the sunshine will make you forget that civil unrest stuff that keeps the other tourists away.

Hiking the Hebrides

When it comes to natural beauty this is a place that is hard to beat. But it is so out of the way for most of the tourist crowd that you will also find it charming and still quite unspoiled. The white sand beaches are empty and the surrounding highlands have eagles and hawks that soar with pride. Rent a cottage on one of the many islands here and enjoy a quiet unspoiled vista that will have you making plans to return next year.

Slovenian Alps

For most of us the Alps are of course in Switzerland. But if you have ever looked at the prices for staying in a lodge in the Swiss Alps, you will understand why Slovenia is a wonderful second choice. But once you get there, you will decide it is your primary choice for mountain retreats from now on. The best place to head for just might be Lake Bled, right smack in the middle of it all. This little jewel of a lake sits in the Alps with an island in the middle that looks like something out of a fairy tale. You have to see it to believe it, and it comes at a price that can make it affordable for the whole family.

As you can see, we have barely scratched the surface of what is possible when you think beyond the tried and true holiday destinations in Europe. Northern Europe and Eastern Europe may not have the appeal of Paris in springtime, but they are hidden gems all the same.

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